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TYR Venzo Phantom Oblivion High Waist Jammer

$23995 $39999

As the first and only technical suit in the industry to analyze drag from a microscopic perspective, the TYR Venzo™ Phantom Oblivion Jammer Swimsuit utilizes ultra smooth fiber to thread a frictionless, durable fabric. Designed with state-of-the-art Surface Lift Technology™, the Phantom Oblivion prevents water from permeating its fabric, resulting in higher body position in the water.

Patent pending taping and inner textile design known as the suit’s Endo Mid Compression Cage™ provides a shield of support for the glutes, while no taping on the quads yields a less compressive fit on the legs. This cage not only creates a snapback effect in the water, but also helps to increase distance per stroke. Working in tandem with this technology is the Venzo’s Seamless Exo Shell™, a sleek construction geared toward streamlining body position.