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Speedo Junior Bullethead Snorkel


Stability is key for junior swimmers, so reach for this snorkel engineered with an added top strap to reinforce a streamline position. Inhale less water with the purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel base. Comfort is no issue as an extra thick foam pad eliminates the onset of headaches and pinching. Features: Hydrodynamic, Flexible, Padded Headband for Comfort, Adjustable, Maximum Stability Whether your junior swimmers are just starting out or perfecting their technique, the Speedo Junior Bullethead Snorkel is an essential training tool for building stability in the water. Featuring an added top strap, this snorkel is engineered to reinforce a streamline position and ensure maximum stability while training. With a purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel base, your young swimmers can inhale less water and focus on their strokes. Plus, the extra thick foam pad provides unmatched comfort, eliminating the onset of headaches and pinching. Give your young swimmers the advantage they need to excel in the water with the Speedo Junior Bullethead Snorkel.