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Arena Powerskin Primo Jammer


Experience the next level of performance with the Arena Powerskin Primo Jammer. This revolutionary race suit combines powerful compression and unparalleled flexibility, providing top-of-the-line speed and comfort. With an easy 5-minute application, the Primo offers unbeatable compression without compromising on comfort. Join the new era of racing with this physics-defying suit.


  • Our most powerful compression combined with extraordinary elasticity thanks to Hyperforce, the first ever tensoelastic fabric.
  • Speed in AND out of the water. Finally a high-compression suit that goes on in under 5 minutes to streamline your race day routine.
  • Permanently hydrophobic TPU coated fiber provides for maximum water repellency over the life of the suit.
  • Hyperforce fabric utilizes a unique flow-channeling surface to improve hydrodynamics and minimize surface drag for maximum speed and streamline performance.
  • A completely new internal taping construction provides powerful support that lifts the legs and hips for optimal body positioning.
  • Hyperforce fabric’s incredible elasticity allows for custom waist height adjustment from low to high.