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FINIS Positive Drive Fin PDF



The FINIS Positive Drive Fin (PDF) is designed with an ellipsoidal blade that effectively propels all four swim strokes. Its asymmetrical blade shape promotes a natural inward supination kick style for butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle, while also allowing swimmers to build power. The ergonomic foot pocket ensures a comfortable and ideal placement of the feet for improved swimming performance. The heel strap secures the fin and allows for natural foot flexion, while the closed toe design facilitates superior energy transfer. With the PDF's, you can enhance your leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility for all four swim strokes, making them a valuable tool for individual medley training. Refer to the size chart for the perfect fit: XS: Youth 8-13, S: 1-3, M: 3.5-6, L: 6.5-8, XL: 8.5-10, XXL: 10.5-13.