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Dubuque Hempstead TYR Crossblade Fin 2.0


MSRP $49.99

The TYR Crossblade Fin 2.0 is made with an intermediate blade to promote increased tempo and speed while swimming. These fins help swimmers build leg strength and improve technique while preventing any discomfort during use.


Size Chart
Fin Size Fin Color Shoe Size
XXS Orange Kids 1-3
XS Green Men's 3-5 / Women's 4.5-6.5
S Yellow Men's 5-7 / Women's 6.5-8.5
M Red Men's 7-9 / Women's 8.5-10.5
L Black Men's 9-11 / Women's 10.5-12.5
XL Grey Men's 11-13 / Women's 12.5-14.5
XXL Blue Men's 13-15/Women's 14.5+