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Crow Valley Golf Club -003

Crow Valley Golf Club

CLICK MORE INFO FOR TEAM SUIT SIZING GUIDE * Order team suits by Thursday, May 10 to have for the first meet * team suits available throughout the summer season
**Suits that have logos are "final sales" and may not be returned/exchanged.**
Please contact your team rep with questions: Frankie at email fhanson@elsmoreswim.com or 515-223-4100.
Team discounts have been applied to qualified training equipment and team products. Approximately a 4-week delivery for custom/personalized orders. (Tech suits will ship out within a business day.) All orders will ship to your home unless otherwise noted. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $70+.

Elsmore Store Hours @ 3029 100th, Urbandale, IA 50322
Monday / Wednesday:  9a - 6p  *  Tuesday / Thursday:  9a - 5p  *  Friday 9a - 4p  *   Saturday:  10a - 4p

If purchases are made over the phone, there is a $10 handling fee.
If families have questions, please call the store 515-223-4100 so we may help guide your purchase. 
You may then choose to order online or over the phone. 
No returns/exchanges on personalized/customized products.
No returns on tech suits; we do offer exchanges.
Please read the tech suit policy you receive at the time of purchase.


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