Arena Elite

Reduce Drag & Turbulence

Carbon Grid Fabric & Internal Taping

Supports Muscles for Optimal Performance

Engineered with Ultra-light Hydroglide Shell

Carbon Light Cage Technology Compression

Carbon Cage Technology

Parallel Taping on the Back

Maximum Muscle Compression

Stay Higher & Horizontal in the Water

Internal Taping & Lining for Extra Support

Reduced Drag

Seamless Second Skin Effect

Lighter Intelligent Compression

Hydrodynamic One-Piece Fabric

Redesigned Three-Panel Internal Lining

Freedom of Movement

Increased Stroke Efficiency

Inner Construction Ultra-Compression Panels

External Ultra-Cage For Intelligent Compression

Infinity Loop Encourages Perfect Body Position & Rotation

Increased Range Of Motion

Strategically Placed Low-Profile Bonded Seams

Maximum Compression On Over-Extended Zones

Streamlined Hydrodynamics With That Locked-In Feel

Patented V-Flex Construction For Maximum Hip Mobility